Guanjun Tan Ph.D.


Dr. Guanjun Tan is currently a Senior Display Exploration Engineer at Apple Inc. He is an experienced optical scientist and engineer working on the general display-related optical innovations, especially for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Organic LED, and Liquid Crystal.

Dr. Tan has published 36 journal papers, 30+ conference proceedings and 10+ issued US patents, with in total 1700+ citations. His expertise covers a variety of topics in optics and displays including:

  • AR & VR displays: optical foveation, waveguide AR, multi-focal & light-field displays
  • OLED optics: optical simulation, micro-cavity optimization, light extraction
  • Advanced displays: local-dimming LCD, µLED color conversion, multi-primary colors, ultra-fast response time
  • Liquid Crystal photonics: switchable grating & lens, beam steering, geometric-phase elements, etc